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Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy is committed to putting you and the success of the case first. Whether you need help with personal injury, mass torts, medical malpractice, debt relief, criminal defense, or family law, you can trust our proven legal team.
Whatever challenges our clients face, they are represented by an attorney who has the experience and legal knowledge required to achieve the best possible results.


Real Estate Companies and Construction Projects

The real estate market in the UAE is one of the most dynamic and vibrant, serving as a vital link to the UAE economy and is linked by most companies and banks, the stock market, manpower, communications, and media. As a result, it is truly the labor market’s backbone. Our office works in this market on the legal, institutional, and administrative levels to create the best possible environment for these companies work and the resulting contractual, engineering, and professional issues. Our expertise in this area is vast, ranging from the formation of any company to all related legal cases, all within a working environment that satisfies all parties, most notably our clients.

Banking Disputes

When it comes to working with banks, there are many aspects to consider, not only in the monetary financial aspect, but also in the field of successful investments, stock exchanges, and so on, which require more than the usual advice and legal support, including legal advice on the various aspects of any financial issue or dispute. Our team collaborated on all of these forms of assistance with many of the leading local banks, as well as legal advice on finance banking, financial, and legal matters in the context of business growth and development and competition.

Hospitality and Recreation Facilities

We have a deep and exceptional understanding of the essential requirements relating to the hospitality sector and international hotel chains in the United Arab Emirates and its region; which has provided us with vision and insight into this important sector, including the most recent developments in the global market and its dynamic changes in this sector.

Commercial and Financial Companies (Business) Law

Our Corporate Counseling Team has had the reputation of being the most experienced legal business team in the United Arab Emirates in advising our clients since the year 2000, and this position has been maintained to this day.

Furthermore, our team has worked on the region’s most significant transactions, legal and advisory issues, and corporate and institutional services.

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

We concentrate on providing professional advice throughout the project to help prevent disputes from escalating and to ensure that our client is as successful as possible in every case and wherever possible.

When conflicts arise, we assist in their effective and timely resolution to avoid unintended consequences and to allow the client to make strategic decisions to reach an early decision. We relentlessly pursue our clients’ objectives.

Services we offer

All of the formalities and procedures will be handled by our expert panel of attorneys

Drafting Legal Contracts and Documents

Debt Collection and Recovery

Civil Law

Banking and Finance Law

Disputes of Multinational Companies

International Law and Litigation

Tax and Taxation Law

Securing transactions

Providing legal consultancy and advisory

Maritime Law

Commercial Law

Construction and Infrastructure Law

Insurance Law

Public and Private Notary services

Criminal Law (Including cybercrimes)

A close review and renegotiation of all existing and future contracts

Legal Representation before all courts.

Shipping disputes

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Corporate law

Intellectual Property

Real Estate and Land Law

Family Law

Ethnic disputes between different ethnic communities in the UAE, which require courts with multiple references and diverse Laws.

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