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Our Corporate Counseling Team has had the reputation of being the most experienced legal business team in the United Arab Emirates in advising our clients since the year 2000, and this position has been maintained to this day. Due to our market experience, we add several additional values to our client’s projects and legal needs:

A thorough understanding of current market standards greatly aids our lawyers in providing accurate assessments. We know where we should concentrate our efforts to add the most value. We distinguish ourselves by understanding how to address the core issues while ignoring the secondary issues.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the UAE market and our many years of experience, we know exactly how to approach each legal process to achieve the best possible commercial and financial outcome for our clients.

Furthermore, our team has worked on the region’s most significant transactions, legal and advisory issues, and corporate and institutional services.

Services we offer

All of the formalities and procedures will be handled by our expert panel of attorneys

  • International Tax Compliance
  • Offshore Voluntary Compliance
  • IRS Audits & Tax Litigation
  • Local & International Tax Planning
  • Money laundering disputes
  • Sales and Purchases of shares or the Business
  • Debt Recovery
  • Multinational Corporation Disputes
  • International Trade Contracts Disputes
  • Assets and Rights Protection
  • Business Procedures and Cash Flow
  • Business Termination
  • Legal translation
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