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When it comes to working with banks, there are many aspects to consider, not only in the monetary financial aspect, but also in the field of successful investments, stock exchanges, and so on, which require more than the usual advice and legal support, including legal advice on the various aspects of any financial issue or dispute. Our team collaborated on all of these forms of assistance with many of the leading local banks, as well as legal advice on finance banking, financial, and legal matters in the context of business growth and development and competition.

Services we offer

All of the formalities and procedures will be handled by our expert panel of attorneys

  • Legal Counsel and Advice
  • Legal Documents and Contracts
  • Banking Disputes
  • Money Laundering Disputes
  • Shipping Disputes
  • International Business Transactions
  • Taxation Law
  • International Trade Contracts Disputes
  • Private Contracts Disputes
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