Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a full-service law firm dedicated to delivering first-class legal solutions and powerful results to our clients.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide unrivaled legal services in the UAE, regional and international law. Our key areas of practice include banking, real estate, service-based businesses, transportation, and family law. Our high-level consulting team strives to provide you with the best consultations and legal services possible.

At Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy, our lawyers combine sophisticated knowledge and extensive resources with an unrivaled commitment to client service. We are motivated by a desire to find holistic solutions to the legal challenges that our clients face. What distinguishes us from our competitions in the UAE is our client-focused approach.



At Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy, the model utilized in achieving powerful results for our clients are based on four principles:


Each individual, family or business has unique requirements for every legal challenge and they operate in a unique environment. Our legal approach provides customized services, specifically tailored to these clients’ specific needs.

High Quality

Our seasoned attorneys of over 20 years of providing legal services are committed to providing our clients with legal services that meet the highest quality standards in the legal profession. We deploy a legal expert in the jurisdiction of your legal case to handle them effectively. Our clients have come to rely on our professionalism in all areas, from the protection of the attorney-client privilege to due diligence in the delivery of legal services.

Energetic Representation

Our attorneys at Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy are zealous and inventive advocates, who are ready to fight tooth and nail for our clients. We are willing to go above and beyond for their success on every legal case.


During the representation for every one of our clients, we employ time-saving and cost-effective strategies to deliver our legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


& History

We began our journey in the year 2000 when we established our first and main office in Abu Dhabi. We entered the legal arena with an open heart, filled with the certainty of working under one of the most just and clear law regulations in the world, driven by our unwavering passion to defend the oppressed and the innocent. Our open-minded approach taught us a lot throughout our careers, and by God’s grace, we were able to achieve many successes, which led to the expansion of our family of lawyers and legal advisors. Hence, the birth of our second office in Dubai in 2016.

Practicing law in Dubai represented a challenge in our Journey due to the highly competitive and capable lawyers of our friends and colleagues. Yet, Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy was able to establish a name in the ultramodern city of the United Arab Emirates, well-known, and well-respected amongst the peers in the legal industry of Dubai.


& Vison


Our mission is to offer our clients highly skilled, ethical, and committed legal representation that adheres to our high professional standards. We are results-oriented and committed to providing cost-effective legal solutions while maintaining a strong commitment to excellence, creative thinking, and systematic innovation.



To be one of the top five law firms in the UAE and its geographic area, delivering reliable legal services and assistance tailored to the needs of our clients in all areas of practice.


Our Values
& Philosophy


We are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal representation and to making every effort to reach a favorable resolution to your case.


Each case for us is important, we understand that we are all human beings and we can make mistakes, we will always stand by your side to ensure you are treated with justice.


We will always prioritize your interests, and we will always be honest and transparent with you.


Our successful legal practice over the years has resulted in happy clients and making clients happy starts with building enough trust with them. For every lawyer at our firm, building trust with you is part and parcel of everything we do at Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy.


To us, everyone is equal; we treat everyone with the utmost respect, regardless of their background, social status, or ethnicity.


Stellar Client Service

Everything we do at Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy revolves around providing excellent customer service. We are committed to meeting deadlines, accommodating your specific needs and requests, and always exceeding our clients’ expectations. We take time to understand our clients’ businesses so that we can work with you to achieve your goals and ensure that we offer the advice and solutions that best fit your requirements

Our outstanding service has earned us recognition as one of the leading law firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates. This is also why over 98 percent of our clients say they would recommend us to others.

Local Expertise

Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a legal firm homegrown and rooted in the communities of the UAE. This is a big advantage to us as our experienced attorneys can see how all the pieces fit together before the litigation process starts. We make it our job to know the variables involved in each case; the courts, the judges, the court clerks, and how litigation is generally conducted in each area. Each court has its own specific rules of practice, and they vary widely. These personal relationships and this knowledge provide an intangible but real advantage in the litigation process.

Full Range of Litigation Support Solutions

Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy has the depth and breadth of legal services, as well as the resources, to provide our clients with all the legal solutions to support their legal challenges and litigation process. Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy can assist you and your business with the most complex issues. We will provide you with all of the resources you need to make your deposition successful.

Complex Multi-Party Case Expertise

Is your legal case a complex, multi-party one? Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to handle the most difficult cases at Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy. Our specialized legal team are the most highly trained individuals, coordinating all aspects of every deposition process, from transcripts and videography to the management of all scheduling, case documents, and exhibits.

Our cutting-edge deposition suites and international conferencing with the latest video technology, remote streaming and video conferencing ensure that your case runs smoothly and efficiently in any location you require.

Data Security

All legal firms including Al Ramsy Advocates & Legal Consultancy have access to trade secrets, intellectual property, and figurative skeletons in the closets of their clients. These pieces of information are protected by the attorney-client privilege and we strongly adhere to it at our firm.

We have strategies and devices in place to prevent, detect, and defend against intrusions, the risk of being hacked and other cyber-attacks.

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